ISG 501(c)3 Non-Profit Organization

21 February 2017

ISG Now a 501(c)3 Non-Profit, Tax Exempt Charity

The International School of Gemology is pleased to announce our new status as a 501(c)3 tax exempt, non-profit education organization based on a letter of confirmation from the US Internal Revenue Service dated 2 February 2017. The ISG is formally a non-profit, tax exempt charity organization whose purpose is to further the study of gemology and jewelry appraisal for the benefit of the jewelry industry in general, and specifically those who would benefit from an education in gemology or jewelry appraisal but are unable to participate in the industry due to the current high cost of education, or other factors.

The ISG has three main goals as a new non-profit, tax exempt education organization:

  1. Provide world-class education programs in gemology and jewelry appraisal at tuition prices that make the study of these subjects more available and more affordable to a wider range of people interested in entering these fields,
  2. Provide scholarships to make the study of gemology and jewelry appraisal available to underprivileged, physically challenged and financially challenged individuals who would benefit from this study, and
  3. Provide technical support and training to assist home town, independent retail jewelers to better compete in the changing world gemstone market.

To accomplish these goals the ISG will be re-instating our ComVet Scholarships, Gemologist Apprentice program, Gem Shopping at APO and FPO Bases, and other programs. We will rely on the tax-deductible donations of our ISG Global Network to meet these goals.

Donations are Tax Exempt

Based on the IRS decision, all financial donations to the ISG are tax deductible under IRC 170. Furthermore, donations of bequests, devises, transfers and gifts are tax deductible under IRC Sections 2055, 2106 or 2522.

Based on the above the ISG is offering a special Kick-Off Donation program where some fun and rewarding gifts are being provided to our donors who join us in starting this journey. To see this initial donation project please see below.

Please remember: All donations to the ISG are tax deductible and go 100% to the operations and goals of the ISG.

Volunteer Opportunities are OPEN!

If you have ever wanted to be a part of a gemology education organization, but were not sure where to start, this is the place.

The ISG needs volunteers to help with a wide variety of tasks and duties. From accounting to web design to course development to gemstone photography to course editing to….well, you get the point.

The ISG goals can only be met if you volunteer. Just respond to this newsletter with your willingness to volunteer and the area of interest you would like to work within…and we will love to have you join us.

To confirm that status of the ISG as a 501(c)3 please use this link: IRS Letter of 2 February 2017

ISG Board of Directors

The ISG is now under the guidance of our Founding Board of Directors. These include:

  • Robert James FGA, GG……..President
  • Shelley FitzGibbon, RGA……Vice President/Treasurer
  • Mark Saenz, FGA…………….Secretary

We will be expanding our Board of Directors, as well as Advisory Committees, as the formative stages of the new ISG are complete. Those interested in being a part of this new and exciting organization are invited to send your inquiries. We are seeking those with special business knowledge, gemological expertise and financial resources.

Please share this edition of our newsletter to spread the word:

We appreciate the ongoing support of this effort from everyone, and thank you for sharing our vision for the future. The study of gemology is not rocket science, and it should not cost as much as a rocket scientist degree to study gemology. From today forward the ISG makes our commitment to provide quality education programs in a non-profit, tax-exempt environment that will help spread the love of gemstones around the world.

Respectfully submitted to our ISG Global Network,

Robert James FGA, GG
President, International School of Gemology Inc.
A 501(c)3 Non-Profit, Tax Exempt School for the Benefit of Everyone Who Loves Gemstones!

Here are some fun awards available for your donation:

$1000.00 Donation: Oregon Sunstone from the Dust Devil Mine.

When you make a $1000.00 donation to the ISG operations fund, you will receive one of these crystals of Oregon Sunstone

Dust Devil Oregon Sunstone

In 2013, Don and Patsy Buford donated a full “belt run” of their optical sorter at the Dust Devil Oregon Sunstone Mine to the ISG. The results of this belt run are seen above in a beautiful collection of Dust Deil Oregon Sunstone that we now offer to those donating $1,000.00 or more to the operating fund of the International School of Gemology Inc. Each donor will receive, in order received, the numbered Dust Devil Oregon Sunstone from this special belt run at the Dust Devil Mine. We have 16 available in total.

Remember, all donation are tax deductible and go toward helping us keep the study of gemology and gemstones affordable to all.

$500.00 Donation: Chatham Created Emerald

When you make a $500.00 donation to the ISG you will recieve an authentic Chatham Created Emerald weighing an average of 1.00 carat.

Chatham Created Emerald

These Chatham Created Emeralds were donated directly to the ISG for development of our ISG Created and Treated Gemstones Course, and for our ISG Practicals Program. We have set aside a special group of 20 of these historical created emeralds to be available for our donors of $500.00.

The Chatham Created Emerald you receive will be approximately 1.00 carat or over, and may be of a variety of cuts including pear, emerald or trigon as seen at left. These are authentic Chatham Created Emeralds and are presented to our supporters when you donate to the ISG operating fund below.

$250.00 Donation: Natural Honduran Amethyst Crystal

When you make a $250.00

Natural Honduran Amethyst Crystal

To our donors of $250.00 or more we are pleased to provide you with a beautiful, and natural, amethyst crystal from the famous mines of Honduras. Donated to the ISG by Michael Gillespie of Texas, these amazing amethyst crystals are all natural and without any treatments. They demonstrate the original beauty of amethyst that is sometimes difficult to find in the current market.

With your tax-deductible donation of $250.00 or more you will receive one of these beautiful amethyst crystals,

Create Your Own Donation Amount

The ISG appreciates all donations of all levels. Click the button below to help support this important education outreach for the benefit of the industry. Remember, all donations are tax deductible under IRC 501(c)3 and we will use 100% of your donation toward operations, course development and scholarships. To choose your own level of donation, please use the DONATE button below. You do not need a PayPal account to use your credit card to donate.

Donations over $1000.00 will receive all of the above three gifts, plus listing in our Founding Donor list. More on this in the coming week.