ISG Gemologist Apprentice Program!

An amazing learning opportunity for children who love gems and minerals. 

Welcome to the Gemologist Apprentice division of the International School of Gemology. This online, distance education portal is dedicated to our future gemologists, as well as any child who simply loves to learn about gems and minerals, located any where in the world.

We are dedicated to providing you with a fun and rewarding learning experience that will provide the finest educational support regarding all areas of gems and minerals. We invite you to become a Gemologist Apprentice of the International School of Gemology by taking our online Gemologist Apprentice course, and just have fun with our program.

The ISG Gemologist Apprentice course is fully mobile friendly so students can study any time, on any device and anywhere in the world! This course is designed to provide future gemologists, or kids who just love gems and minerals, with a solid foundation in the various aspects of gem and mineral formation and how to identify gemstones. Recommended ages will range from 3rd grade through 8th grades, but all are welcome. Here your young gemologist will learn how rocks and minerals form, how gemstones are found in the various formations, basic “how to” of gem identification including how to use the gemological tools, and some career paths that are available to young gemologists. To learn more about the ISG Gemologist Apprentice program, click on the the drop down menus above. Once your registration is complete, use the course link at the top of this page to enter the online classroom.

The ISG Gemologist Apprentice Program is now available here on this website.

Also now available: 


ISG Gemstone Collection and Tool Set

Start your own gemstone collection with the ISG Gemstone Collection and Tools Set created just for our ISG Gemologist Apprentices. 



Coming Soon: 


ISG Mining Trips

Join us and dig your own gemstones. As an ISG Gemologist Apprentice you will be invited to join us in fun and exciting mining trips to dig your own gemstones and find your own treasures.




ISG Gem and Mineral Shows

It will be the trip of a lifetime to join us at the Tucson Gem Shows and other major gem and mineral shows. Join the ISG community and experience the most fun you will have looking, learning and buying amazing gemstones at the gem shows.


All of this is coming soon to the ISG Gemologist Apprentice Program. Remember, participation and support to all public, private and home school teachers is always free.

The ISG Gemologist Apprentice Program is available at no charge to public and private school  teachers as part of a support program from the International School of Gemology Inc.,  a 501(c)3 Non-Profit Education Organization. We appreciate your donations of support to help us maintain this as a free service to teachers and educators everywhere.

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