ISG Gemologist Apprentice Program Ends 28 May.

Please complete all work by 28 May as program is ending.

GA103Welcome to the Gemologist Apprentice division of the International School of Gemology. This education portal is dedicated to our future gemologists, as well as any child who simply loves to learn about gems and minerals. We are dedicated to providing you with a fun and rewarding learning experience that will provide the finest educational support regarding all areas of gems and minerals. We invite you to become a Gemologist Apprentice of the International School of Gemology by taking our Gemologist Apprentice course, and just have fun with our program.¬†Recommended ages will range from 3rd grade through 9th grade. Here your young gemologist will learn how rocks and minerals form, how gemstones are found in the various formations, basic “how to” of gem identification including how to use the gemological tools, and some career paths that will be available to young gemologists.